Aneta Pawlik

Content Marketing and SEO Professional

Based in Vienna, Austria

I am a passionate marketing professional with over 10 years of experience under my belt. I excel at content marketing strategy and delivering creative and engaging content for all stages of the inbound marketing funnel. I became interested in SEO in 2014 after launching (another) lifestyle blog and quickly found deep and unadulterated pleasure in combining SEO with content creation for websites.

Fun fact! The first money I earned off content creation? I was in secondary school. I came up with the idea to draw Pokémons to order and colour them in with pencils. Unfortunately, my so-called “friend” set up a competing business and coloured her Pokémon drawings with permanent markers. The quality was much better and she also scaled her production (younger brother). I had to shut down the store after only three commissions.

My Experience

May 2021 – present

Social Media Content Manager

@ HENSOLDT Analytics, Vienna, Austria

HENSOLDT Analytics is a global leading provider of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) systems and Natural Language Processing technologies, such as Automatic Speech Recognition, which are key elements for media monitoring and analysis.

In my role as Social Media Content Manager, I am responsible for producing content and managing the key online communication channels of HENSOLDT Analytics – LinkedIn and Twitter – as well as managing the website’s CMS (WordPress) and content.

Projects & Tasks:

  • Social Media Manager for MIRROR – Migration-Related Risks Caused by Misconceptions of Opportunities and Requirement – An EU project, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, grant agreement № 832921.
  • Content and Social Media Manager for CRiTERIA – Comprehensive data-driven Risk and Threat Assessment Methods for the Early and Reliable Identification, Validation and Analysis of migration-related risks – An EU project, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme, grant agreement № 101021866.

December 2020 – April 2021

Professional Development Break

@ Vienna, Austria

I took a couple of months off to upskill in the areas of data analysis and graphic design. I also attended an intensive German course during this time.

Apil 2020 – November 2020

Content Marketing and SEO Manager

@ Impact Hub Vienna, Vienna, Austria

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I joined Impact Hub Vienna to support the in-house marketing team during a restructure, focusing on digital content production and injecting fresh energy into community and partnership-centred storytelling. During my work with Impact Hub Vienna, I recruited, trained, and managed a team of eight communications volunteers – an enthusiastic and talented bunch of souls.

Projects & Tasks:

  • Owned and managed content marketing for all social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram), as well as the website, blog, internal and external newsletters, as well as digital brochures, leaflets, reports, and sales catalogues.
  • Implemented and documented new content marketing workflows for event marketing, partnerships collaboration, accelerator program communications deliverables, as well as contributor guidelines.
  • Launched the 10 years of Impact Hub Vienna #10yearsIHV content marketing campaign, collaborating with IHV’s network to deliver inspiring stories of connection with the company.
  • One of the (unexpected) key tasks this year was to maintain brand visibility and launch new virtual products aligned with the current demand for online-based services. I planned and implemented a new offer for web conferencing equipment booking add-ons, with minimum-spend-desired budget, and a quick turnaround on visual assets.
Impact-Hub-Vienna-Instagram-Grid-July-2020-Website-1021x1024 framed

Under Aneta’s lead, Impact Hub Vienna’s communications channels significantly improved in terms of content, performance, as well as alignment with the brand.

Lena Gansterer, Partnerships Director at Impact Hub Vienna

December 2019 – February 2020

Transition Period Comms Lead

@ Impact Hub Vienna, Vienna, Austria

I worked on a three months-long contract covering the transition period during the communications department restructure at Impact Hub Vienna.

During this time, I took on communications department lead responsibilities, acting as one of the points of contact for anything related to marketing and communications at Impact Hub Vienna.

Aneta is a highly talented marketer and one of the most effective contractors I have hired in a communications role to date. She came into her role quickly, learned fast, was responsive to feedback and delivered exceptional work–always ahead of her deadlines. I would highly recommend Aneta for any communications role, particularly those focusing on digital campaigns and social media.

Kristen Cole, Comms Lead at Impact Hub Vienna

September 2017 – November 2019

Communications and Marketing Manager

@ International Solid Waste Association ISWA, Vienna, Austria

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Initially, I joined the ISWA General Secretariat team as a part-time Communications Assistant to support the former Head of Communications and the Communications Manager. I took over the ownership of the communications department in January 2018.

Responsible for all marketing and communications activities, including budgeting, Facebook advertising, social media content and strategy, email marketing, website and blog management.

Projects & Tasks:

  • Developed essential documentation including content plan, co-authored brand guidelines, campaign tracking and reporting files, contract templates, and GDPR annexes;
  • Provided communications support to the internal Technical, National Membership and Events departments, as well as the ISWA Managing Director, Board, Working Groups and Task Forces;
  • Owned and managed the communications budget including tracking of spend and invoices on a monthly basis, allocating funds, approving expenses, as well as reporting to the Financial Manager on a monthly and annual basis;
  • Maintained ISWA channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Vimeo and YouTube, ISWA website, Marine Litter Task Force website and the newsletter;
  • Key communications contact for external events partners and event promotion on ISWA’s channels;
  • Communications support for the EU Projects, which ISWA was part of as a consortium partner: D-NOSES, Ecobulk, Multicycle.
ISWA General Secretariat Team, 2018
ISWA General Secretariat Team, 2020

Aneta is a true professional, intent to deliver the best work she can. She is genuinely interested in marketing, keeping up to date with the trends and up levelling her skillset. As a colleague, Aneta works best in a structured, open team environment, but when we worked several months under pressure, Aneta reliably delivered work on time as well. She is a savvy and witty team player, who even brings cake to the office!

Georgina Nitzsche, Colleague at ISWA

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“Aneta is amazing at strategy, SEO, and design concepts. She walked me through the process of taking my website to the next level, ensuring it gets noticed. She is professional, full of ideas, meets deadlines, and is always available to answer a question. I would highly recommend her to anyone, who is serious about their business and wants to improve their online presence. Thank you, Aneta!”

Kirsten Donaghey

“Aneta is one of the best online marketing consultants I have worked with – she has a very clear strategy and is efficient in searching for the right solution. I have bought the ‘Business Starter Package’ which was extremely helpful in developing business ideas, providing a great overview of the business structure and giving me an opportunity to build a strong foundation. It was an absolute joy to work with her and I would recommend her highly.”

Myounghee Jo

“If you want someone smart, accessible and passionate about her work – Aneta’s the one! She really keeps pace with best practices and the latest developments in digital marketing, so you know you are getting the most current advice based on true and tested strategies.”

Iris Jumbe

Social Media Management for a Viennese Hair Salon
Social Media Management for a Viennese Hair Salon
Coffee Octopus Podcast - Cover Concept
Printed Information Folder - Eva Maria Pawlata 1
Santa Cristina Coffee - Setup and Design
Printed Information Folder - Eva Maria Pawlata 3
Greiner Family Impact Initiative
Social Media Management for a Viennese Hair Salon

Education and Certificates

2022 | LinkedIn Ads: LinkedIn Lead Generation, Udemy

2021 | Google Data Analysis – Foundations, Coursera

2021 | Photoshop – Video and Animation, Udemy

2020 | Project Management, The Open University Business School

2020 | Inbound Marketing, Hubspot Academy

2009 – 2012 | BA Advertising and Public Relations, the University of Northampton, UK

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Passion Projects

AKA things I do after hours.