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The market is increasingly competitive and you know that your small business has to be online to win and keep customers. But where exactly does one start with online?

The answer is: leverage your main online touch point – your website – through smart online presence strategy, grow the traffic organically and focus on the right tools. Stop wasting time on channels that don’t count – start crafting an online presence that helps you connect and keep in touch with your perfect customers.

I will guide you through the labyrinth of tools, online marketing questions, marketing strategy planning, SEO and WordPress website management topped with a healthy dose of online business administration, to help you select the best online presence management style fitted to your expertise, level of tech-savviness and time commitment.

About me

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My Services

Online Presence Planning

I will design a comprehensive online presence plan for your brand with the goal of improving your website’s search visibility and support your long-term business goals.

WordPress Installation and SEO-friendly Setup

I will set up your business website using the most popular and user-friendly content management software, WordPress, help you select a WordPress theme and set up your website structure according to SEO good practice.


I will build a holistic SEO strategy for your website to attract more future customers directly to you.


I teach online presence for small businesses and SEO workshops.


Brand Lifestyle Photography

Social media and website-ready photography, which demonstrates your brand philosophy

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Update 19/01/2019 – Please note that I am only taking on a limited number of clients this year. Thank you for understanding!

I offer free one-hour consultation so we can get to know each other better. We will talk about you, your business and your online presence needs. No strings attached!