Content Marketing in Vienna

Awesome that you found your way to my website and awesome that you are reading this very sentence!

Content marketing is a marathon, not a short sprint. It requires strategising, planning, and finally, certain skills to successfully implement your plans. Whether you want to learn how to introduce content marketing to your business or want to hire someone to help you craft content for your customers, I am delighted to welcome you to my website!

My name is Aneta Pawlik and I love creating content.

I have been working in Vienna as a marketing consultant for hire since March 2016. I have almost 10 years of experience in digital marketing within B2B and B2C, with a strong emphasis on online strategy, content marketing, and SEO. I was also told that my organisation skills are nothing to sneeze at 😉

Find you a marketing consultant that looks at you the same way I look at this tasty onigiri. Tokyo, Dec 2019.

Content Marketing + SEO

I love creating content. I also absolutely love SEO because it has all the things I like the most! It’s about being cunning, researching, trend watching, numbers, amazingly insightful and customer-centric content. In combined my two passions and here, I present you with a list of services I can help you with.

Content Marketing Strategy for Your Website

Need to plan your blog’s editorial calendar or synchronise what you will produce for your website and social media? I am your gal.

WordPress Websites SEO Consultations

Your website is not attracting customers? Let me asses it for you! Find out how I helped a writer bring in more business by redesigning her website.

SEO-friendly Marketing Content Creation

Producing SEO-friendly, evergreen content is what I am good at. Read some of the written pieces, that I had produced for my clients.

This way to read my blog.

One of my 2020 resolutions is to write more, whatever the topic. I hope you will excuse the collection of randomness spilling over the pages of my blog.

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