What I do

Being a small business owner is both extremely challenging and rewarding. I know this, because I have been there, done that, took a selfie.

The market is increasingly competitive and you know that your small business has to be online to win and keep customers. But where exactly does one start with online?

I help people like you make sense of the available channels, focus on the right tools and start crafting an online presence that helps you connect and keep in touch with your perfect customers.

I like to think that my consulting business is really a tutoring business – I will guide you through the labyrinth of tools, online marketing questions, marketing strategy planning, SEO and WordPress website management topped with a healthy dose of online business administration, to help you select the best online presence management style fitted to your expertise, level of tech-savviness and time commitment.

About me

In short: Online Presence Consultant for Small Businesses 👩‍💼 On-Page SEO Elf 🧝‍♀️ In 💙 with Marketing Strategy & Business Administration

I have over 10 years of experience in various branches of marketing: from corporate, e-mail marketing, business administration, B2C marketing, publishing, to B2B event management. I specialise in online presence planning, business administration, content creation and on-page SEO.

My Services

I work exclusively with small businesses, helping them craft an impactful and easy to manage online presence – the entirety of a brand’s online channels, including websites, social media accounts, newsletter lists, and business listings.

Strategy Planning

I will design a comprehensive online presence plan of action for your brand including marketing strategy, social media, website and Google My Business.

On-Page SEO

I specialise in on-page SEO – optimisation of individual pages on your website to increase your search visibility. I offer technical audits and SEO + User Experience optimisation.

Online Presence Administration

From optimising your online presence folder structure to recommending the most effective workflow for maintaining your online channels – the business administration consultation will help you get yourself organised.

WordPress Websites

I can set up your business website using the most popular and user-friendly content management software – WordPress.

Content, content, content

I can take photos for your website and/or social media, design social media templates or Photoshop graphics for your channels. I also write blog posts on topics aligned with my blog.

Marketing Support

I offer marketing support sessions as well as workshops to review the status of your online presence and recommend steps to improve it.

I like to write about marketing and things.

Visit my Library of Resources

I create templates, checklists and documents for online presence management, which you can download for free.


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My Clients

Contact me

I offer free one-hour consultation so we can get to know each other better. We will talk about you, your business and your online presence needs. After the meeting, you can decide if you want to work with me. No strings attached!