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Helping small businesses rock their online presence.

I was called a job-hopper once.

I was told I needed to put a mark down (I was 21 at the time) and grind in the same position by a C-level businessman, who interviewed me for a job.

I got the job. I kicked ass. I left it nine months later.

This has repeated so many times I started believing I will never have a job in which I will work until the retirement. It both scared me and made me happy: the former because at that stage I did not know any better and the latter because I never liked routine.

I suffer from an overabundance of creativity, ideas that scare the people responsible for budgeting, and a lot of faith in myself.

I had been trying out different jobs since 2008. Research, publishing, B2B event management, commercial marketing, strategic marketing. On the way, I graduated from the University of Northampton in BA Advertising & PR.

I was thriving in project management work, where many things depended on my ability to stay calm, delegate, execute, organise, improvise. I was good at it and it made me immensely happy.

I was chasing the dream of becoming a valuable marketing employee, thinking that switching jobs to find THE one will help me get there. In 2014 I unknowingly quit my last corporate marketing position.

Aneta Pawlik

I am a...

blogger, content creator, tea drinker, food lover, introvert, book worm, black coffee worshipper, urban girl, Netflix addict, experience seeker, team Arya and Jon, veggie eater, amateur photographer, old soul

I love...

Writing about marketing • #hashtags • Spreadsheets • Minimalism

My skills

Organisation 100%
Getting Stuff Done 99.99%
Content Marketing 91%
Strategic Marketing 90%
Sarcasm 90%
Social Media Marketing 84%
Adobe Photoshop 83%
Photography 70%
HTML 67%
Graphic Design 56%

The road to freelancing is paved with…

A lot of desperation and frustration in this case. In 2014 when I left Bratislava and hopped over to Vienna I embarked on yet another job search. I thought it would be a breeze. Na-ah.

After seven months of 0 responses and daily sessions of questioning myself (‘What is wrong with me?’) I was given an opportunity. Except, in this particular opportunity I was losing unless I made the jump and plunged into the freelance territory. Guess what happened… I registered as self-employed in Vienna in April 2014.

After seeing how many issues could have been avoided had my clients received guidance at the beginning of their journey I decided on my business direction: I wanted to help people get their business basics right and set foundations for a profitable online presence without the frustrating trial and error game. On top of administrative, marketing, SEO and creative help, I started teaching my clients how not to waste time on tasks that bring nothing to the table, taking the burden off and coming up with custom solutions to fit around their lives.

Now I can proudly say that I love my job and I cannot wait to work with you!

Aneta Pawlik, Freelance Marketing Consultant in Vienna Specialising in Online Presence Building

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