About Me

Hey, my name is Aneta 🙂

I am the person, who will create your complete brand documentation, research your online marketing strategy, set up your website, make sure your passwords are secure and your backup game strong and only then disappear into the mists of time*.

But seriously now, I have over 10 years of experience in various branches of marketing: from corporate, e-mail marketing, business administration, B2C marketing, publishing, to B2B event management. Check my LinkedIn profile to view my work history. When I started my career as a consultant in 2016 I decided to focus exclusively on small businesses. Why? It’s because they have amazing ideas, take into consideration social impact, have tons of passion and commitment. Unfortunately, they struggle in the fast-paced online world due to limited budget and skillset. I want to give you the help, tools and know-how necessary to keep your online business presence competitive and sustainable so your idea can thrive and support the local economy.

How I work

I specialise in business administration, marketing strategy, WordPress website set-up using ready-to-go templates, on-page SEO and content marketing.

  1. We will meet for a free one-hour consultation
  2. I will present you with a proposal and pricing. My standard rate is €40 per hour
  3. We work together, tutoring style, to make sure that you not only receive a comprehensive plan of action for your online presence but also can replicate the best & easiest way to manage it on your own

So let’s talk about you…

Maybe you are failing to attract followers on social media platforms despite posting content online every day. Maybe you don’t even have social media platforms. Maybe you want a website, that reflects your brand, but you do not want to pay hundreds of € to have a custom website built for you. Maybe your website is failing to encourage viewers to contact you. Maybe it attracts the wrong type of customers.

Whoever you are, I am sure that you are capable of taking online presence into your own hands and manage it efficiently with a little bit of guidance.

Contact me now using the form on the homepage to arrange your free consultation to see if I can help you make online presence building a painless process.

*Joke, I hope we will be friends.