About My Business

Building a solid foundation of your online presence
Aneta Pawlik

Hi and welcome to my website!

My name is Aneta Pawlik and I am a freelance marketing consultant specialising in online presence building. This means creating a strong and conversion-ready online virtual pillar or the main foundation of your brand. Let me ask you a question:

Do you want your website and social media to attract followers, convert into sales, help you build thought leadership?

Maybe you are a small business failing to attract followers on social media platforms. Maybe you don’t even have social media platforms. 

Perhaps you are a blogger, who wants to get serious with their engagement rates and become online famous.

Maybe you are a freelancer, who wants to do everything on her own but ‘everything’ is a big task to swallow.

Whoever you are, I am sure all you want is to be successful online without wasting a lifetime at your computer desk.

There are thousands of other people, who are pouring their hearts and money into creating websites and social media channels every day. Yet, the expected results do not seem to come true.

You probably got stuck with your business because you are clueless about: what you are doing wrong, what you could be doing and what you need to stop doing.

This is where I can help you. My business is centred around helping people like you find their perfect rhythm and consistently build a purposeful online presence. Whether it is a blog, a branded website or social media channels (or all of the aforementioned), I believe the key to creating an impactful online experience is setting a strong foundation of your brand. Only when the basics are done, you can think about using the available online resources to your advantage.

An online presence should never ever be directionless. How can you reach business goals with it, if you had never clarified these goals in the first place? 😉

My philosophy

I will never hand you a one-size-fits-all solution telling you that this is how building strong online presence works. I am all about customising your strategy to fit around your time, resources and mode of work. My work philosophy has two pillars:

Working smarter, not harder

Small business owners do not have full-fledged marketing teams to support them. The good news is, you can learn how to manage your time efficiently without financial and personal sacrifices!  I will teach you work and time management techniques tailored to your needs, that will help you effectively use your time and skills.

Minimal approach

I believe every business owner, who wants to create a lasting online footprint, can do so easily with a minimal approach to online channels. Focus on less but put in the consistent work based on the data-informed thought-through strategy we develop together. No expensive or overcomplicated solutions necessary.

Brands I worked with

Does it sound like just what you need? Let's meet!

I want to know all about you. Your business, your goals, your struggles, your strengths. We will talk about your online needs, your resources and your budget. After the meeting, I will hand you my action plan as well as timeline and price quote.

The catch? None! The first 1-hour consultation is free and if we don’t click, you do not have to hire me. No hard feelings