What is online presence?

Online presence is a collective term describing online channels of a brand or an individual. It covers website, SEO, social media, and any other online platform together with online promotional activities, a brand or an individual uses to make their existence known.

Studies show that between 70-80% of people research a company online BEFORE visiting the small business or making a purchase with them.

57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site.

Regardless, 80% of smartphone users use mobile phones for shopping research, with 88% of all consumers referencing online reviews before making an in-person purchase.

Question for you

Do you want your online presence to:

attract loyal followers, who will create online buzz about your brand?

convert social media likes and website visits into sales?

become recognisable offline thanks to your local online visibility?

Aneta Pawlik Portrait About My Business Page

You came to the right place! My name is Aneta Pawlik. I am passionate about building strong and impactful online presences for small businesses here in Vienna. I offer customised online marketing solutions, website management and SEO sorcery to help you gain customers and brand recognition in your niche.

So let’s talk about you…

Maybe you are a small business owner failing to attract followers on social media platforms.

Maybe you don’t even have social media platforms.

You might be one of those people, who want to do everything on their own but ‘everything’ is a big task to swallow.

You might be one of the small business owners, who need hands-on guidance from start to finish.

Maybe you are pouring your heart and money into website and social media every day. Yet, the expected results do not seem to come true.

Whoever you are, I am 100% sure that you want your business to grow and be successful.

This is where I can help you!

My business is centred around supporting people like you. I help small business owners to create an impactful online representation of their life passion, their business. I will aid you in creating an online presence, which brings in clients, customer loyalty and revenue.

My services


Running a successful small business depends on making sure your admin end is A+. I take care of the annoying parts of setting up an online presence, which in the long run saves you plenty of time - logins, documents, installations, tools, optimisation and more.

Website & SEO

Your website is your key online channel so taking care of it and optimising it will always be the crucial step to a successful online presence. I help small business owners in Vienna set up and create an SEO- and user-friendly website to attract visitors on SERP and convert them into customers.

Online Marketing

Being on social media does not translate into being a successful business. In fact, being online is only 10% of success. Your online touchpoints need a solid online marketing strategy to start earning you customers! I offer planning, strategy, research, and online advertising plans.

Aneta provided me with great tips and strategy and an amazing summary! thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge with me!

Katja Hatvan , Shades Tours

The online marketing workshop by Aneta was super interesting and a perfect combination of theoretical and practical input. I loved to see how online marketing works in the real world with real clients and I also liked the useful links at the end of each chapter!

Johanna, Online Marketing Workshop Participant

If you want someone smart, accessible and passionate about her work – Aneta’s the one! She really keeps pace with best practice and latest developments in digital marketing, so you know you are getting the most current advice based on true and tested strategies.

Iris Jumbe, Philstem Communications 

Aneta was a great help for me and my blog and I can highly recommend her work. Also – she is so much fun to be around!

Magdalena Fricke, We Are The Ladies

I can highly recommend working with Aneta!

Karin Kuranda , Endlos Fesch

I was fortunate enough to meet Aneta Pawlik, who does indeed have the skills to market your website successfully and gives you the tools to get noticed. Website traffic strategies, social media boosts, blogging guides are all at your fingertips in easy to follow, simple language. With Aneta’s help, I implemented new strategies for my website and was able to market myself more effectively as a journalist and blogger.

Jennifer Cornick, Freelance Journalist and Blogger in Vienna