Do you want your business online presence to...

be easy to manage and not another thing you ignore hoping it will go away?

attract followers, who will love you, support you and buy from you?

make your brand recognisable locally thanks to your robust online strategy?

Good news!

You can spend less time promoting your brand online and still see a continuous growth of your brand’s online presence! You probably think that this promise sounds too good to be true but let me assure you – it’s 100% possible.

My name is Aneta Pawlik and I am passionate about building strong and impactful online presences for small businesses using low-cost but effective solutions based my three golden rules of online presence building: quality over quantity, simplicity, and consistency.

 I offer customised business administration services; from zero to hero comprehensive online marketing guidance; and website & SEO help.

Aneta Pawlik

So let’s talk about you…

Maybe you are failing to attract followers on social media platforms despite posting content every day. Maybe you don’t even have social media platforms. You might be one of those people, who want to do everything on their own but ‘everything’ is a big task to swallow. You might be one of the small business owners, who need hands-on guidance from start to finish. Maybe you are pouring your heart and money into your website and social media channels every day. Yet, the expected results do not seem to come.

Whoever you are, I am 100% sure that you want your business to grow and be successful.

This is where I can help you.

My business is centred around supporting people like you. I help small business owners to create an impactful online representation of their business by giving them the right tools and personal guidance. There will be no generic advice or overwhelming complex plans- just the right amount of support and a step by step implementation to make sure your business thrives.

Choose the service that interests you:

Online Marketing

Being on social media does not translate into being a successful business. In fact, being online is only 10% of success. Your online touchpoints need a solid online marketing strategy to start attracting customers! I offer strategy planning fuelled by research and industry trends, as well as content marketing, social media guides and online presence audits.

Business Administration

Running a successful small business depends on making sure your admin end is A+. I take care of the annoying parts of setting up an online presence that just needs to get done- logins, documentation, installations, and so on.

Website & SEO

Your website is your key online channel - taking care of it and optimising it will always be the crucial step to a successful online presence. I help small business owners in Vienna set up and create an SEO- and user-friendly website to attract visitors on SERP and convert them into customers. I keep myself updated on the WordPress and SEO developments to make sure your website is up to speed too.

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Guess what? I offer free one-hour consultations so we can get to know each other better.

We will talk about you, your business and your online presence needs. After the meeting, you can decide if you want to work with me. No strings attached!

(Still hesitating if you want to press that red button? Read what others said about me…)