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Brand Lifestyle Photography

Sometimes your small business needs lifestyle photos to make your brand storytelling more interesting. Sometimes you need someone to walk into your store and take photos of your business day, your team, your small moments of happiness to post to your website or social media channels.

I have been taking photos as a hobby for years, but the skills have become quite valuable when my clients needed a portfolio of lifestyle photographs that showed behind the scenes of their businesses.

Brand lifestyle photography is perfect for:

  • Business listings such as Tripadvisor or Google My Business
  • Instagram posts
  • To include on your website
  • To include in articles about your business

Please note that I am NOT a professional photographer with a studio and product photography know-how. I shoot on location and work with natural light. Pre-shooting scouting meetup will be needed to determine if I will need to bring my portable lamp set.

This is why I offer a simple photography service structure:

  • Payment per hour (shooting + editing) or set price depending on your needs
  • Basic editing + brightening so you can apply your favourite Instagram filter
  • You receive all the best photos in high res JPEG format
  • No watermarks
  • The total price will include unlimited usage license (this means you will be able to use the photos online and offline). Simple credits required as per Austrian law.
  • Portrait retouch for an additional fee


Aneta Pawlik - Website Photography 2