Aneta Pawlik - Online Presence Consultant for Small Businesses in Vienna - My Clients in Vienna, Austria

So far I had the pleasure of working with (in alphabetic order):

Arctic Fine Arts Vienna

Aschaaa Photography

b.lounge Vienna

Curiosity Cabinet

Dein Blog. Dein Business

Endlos Fesch

Impact Hub Vienna

Jojo in the Kitchen

Kirsten Donaghey

Santa Cristina Coffee

We Are the Ladies

Wild Indigo Flowers


I also collaborated with:


Women of Vienna


“Aneta is amazing at strategy, SEO, and design concepts. She walked me through the process of taking my website to the next level, ensuring it gets noticed. She is professional, full of ideas, meets deadlines, and is always available to answer a question. I would highly recommend her to anyone, who is serious about their business and wants to improve their online presence. Thank you, Aneta!”

– Kirsten Donaghey

” If you are looking for a kind and lovely photographer, look no further. Aneta is great, knows how to calm you down when you are nervous and make you feel natural and chilled during the photo shoot. She has a nice sense for detail, selects her locations well and gives her pictures a nice personal touch. She is motivated and professional and exactly what you need.”

– Barbi

“Aneta is one of the best online marketing consultants I have worked with – she has a very clear strategy and is efficient in searching for the right solution. She was extremely helpful in developing business ideas, providing a great overview of the business structure and giving me an opportunity to build a strong foundation. It was an absolute joy to work with her and I would recommend her highly.”

– Jojo in the Kitchen

“Aneta is an amazing woman! She has a huge knowledge base and is willing to share; she gives you practical advice and shows so much patience if you do not understand. Aneta helped me increase the ranking of my website. I received from her 23 pages of SEO audit of my website – 23 pages of what I had to change! I was sure I had a great site so I was shocked! Everything was explained in detail and clearly, amazing! I am completely satisfied and already planned another audit, this time asking Aneta to look at my social media! She is professional and delivers great service for fair money. I recommend her with all my heart!”

– Agata from Aschaaa Photography

“Aneta joined the Impact Hub communications team in 2016 and quickly became editor in chief of our blog managing a small group of writers. Within weeks both the quality and reach of the content went up. Aneta is organised, full of ideas and fun! We love working with her!”

– Kai from Impact Hub Vienna

Enough praise! View samples of my work here.