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Get to Know Your Marketing Consultant! 80 Things About Me

I have a secret to share – I am more likely to contact consultants if they come across as likeable on their websites. However, sometimes it’s really tough to judge someone’s personality through their website and I really do not want to spend time perusing their social media accounts for glimpses of their character.

Yeah, I know, you are not hiring a marketing consultant to share jokes with. HOWEVER, shared experiences and common interests make working much easier and fun! A bit of fun never killed anyone, amirite?

I decided that I am going to write this introductory post about myself to let you, my dear visitor, get a better idea of who I am. And why produce a boring story when you can throw a funky listicle together? Here we go. 

80 things to know about Aneta Pawlik

  1. Just like all other Polish kids, I attended compulsory English language classes at school. However, the only reason my English skills did not fade is that I would obsessively read English paranormal romance books after school.
  2. My first favourite paranormal romance series was Anita Blake by Laurel K. Hamilton. I reread some of the books in German in 2019 and…I did not like them anymore. At all. 
  3. I love eating out but I love reviewing restaurants and recommending foodie spots even more.
  1. Until the age of 17, I was a chronically shy person. The kid at the back of a class, that never spoke up? That was me.
  2. I was not a good student. I mostly got 3s and 4s (in the Polish school system, 1 is the worst grade, while 6 is the best possible grade).  
  3. Of all the subjects, I was always the best pupil in the English class. My English language teachers always loved me and one of them wrote my reference letter for my university application.
  4. I worked in an orphanage for one year, before going off to uni.
  5. I drink a lot of coffee. 
  1. I learned to love coffee at the university, in 2010, because I got a job at the campus coffee store. We could drink whatever we wanted for free. 
  2. I am scared of being at the receiving end of a needle. I usually ask someone to come with me when I need to have blood tests done.
  3. Because I am scared of needles, I usually talk to whoever is handling the needle to stop my brain chatter. I have had the weirdest conversations with these people – once they see that I am not joking about my fear, they say whatever comes to their heads to comfort me. 
  4. When I was at uni, I got into watching obscure horror movies. The weirder, the better.
  5. Still, I will close my eyes and ears when the scenes are particularly bloody. The bathtub scene from the original “I Spit on Your Grave” 1978 movie? Damn.
  6. It’s the psychological horrors that haunt me the most. Yeah, I still sometimes get nightmares. 
  7. My imagination is EXTREMELY vivid. 
  8. The first money I earned? I was in secondary school. I came up with the idea to draw Pokemons to order and colour them in with pencils. Unfortunately, my so-called “friend” set up a competing business and coloured her Pokemon drawings with permanent markers. The quality was much better and she also scaled her production (younger brother). I had to shut down the store after only three commissions.
  9. I am chronically cold. I very rarely sleep without my two duvets, even in summer.
  10. The unceasing feeling of cold is somewhat responsible for my love of tea. I will drink at least 3 cups of Earl Grey tea with milk on a regular day.
  11. I read a lot. I have always read a lot and I will always read a lot. I cannot imagine ever not reading anything. This is my Goodreads profile if you want to peruse my bookshelf.
  12. I started blogging in 2005. My first website was hosted on Blogger and featured semi-fictional stories from my life. 
  13. I kept experimenting with different blogs and topics. For example, in 2013 I set up a burger review blog – I would constantly seek new burger places, visit them and write thorough reviews. I got bored with it in 2015 and deleted the whole thing.
  14. I picked my university degree at random but I fell in love with marketing from the first lecture. 
  15. I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction.
  16. I am a very action-oriented person. 
  17. I don’t like taking medication and I will avoid painkillers at all cost. 
  18. I don’t drink alcohol unless it’s Guinness. I just don’t like the taste of anything else but the famous Irish dry stout. 
  19. I love making changes. I think this tendency has something to do with my overactive mind. I tend to switch my food preferences, exercise schedule, change my hairstyle, rearrange my kitchen, and so on all the time.
  20. I love travelling on my own.
  21. I will never put sugar in my coffee. 
  22. One of my favourite books is “Crime and Punishment” by Dostoyevsky. When I read it for the first time, I really identified with how Raskolnikov saw humanity. I DID not, however, identify with his methods. 
  23. I come from a small village in the south of Poland. At the time of my living there, it had a population of around 4,000.
  24. I was brought up catholic but I do not remember ever thinking that the whole religion had any merit at all.  As soon as I could, I opted out.
  25. Besides Poland, I also lived in the UK and Slovakia. Austria is my 4th country of residence.
  26. I really, really like Bratislava. It made me feel at home. 
  27. When I was in high school, I obsessively baked cupcakes. 
  28. I had a number of love crushes on cartoon characters when I was younger. I did not care about actual humans until I was 18.
  29. I really don’t know why MySpace is not around anymore. I loved it. 
  30. I have a very dark sense of humour.
  31. I have a UK driver’s license. I owned a car for a total of one year. I sold my Nissan Micra when I moved to Slovakia in late 2014 and had not driven since then.
  32. On that topic, I was a horrible driver. I was speeding and bumping into things constantly. 
  33. I am quite sarcastic.
  34. Sometimes, I go off on these unintelligible rants about the most insignificant things in the universe. 
  35. If I eat cheese or mango before going to bed, I will have nightmares.
  36. My favourite coffee chain is Costa Coffee. Whenever I am in Poland or England, I visit it.  
  37. I love mint chocolate. My favourite is the Ritter Sport Peppermint.
  38. I prefer trams to subways. However, if I can, I will always pick walking over any other transport option.
  39. I once dressed up as Arwen from Lord of the Rings to my friend’s Tolkien themed birthday party. 
  40. I have three tattoos. 
  41. I have six pairs of glasses. 
  42. I have 20 lipsticks. 
  43. I ordered a cake for my 30th birthday that said: “Aneta is the best”. 
  44. I really struggle to remember people’s birthdays, including my own. When I was turning 27, I incorrectly told my boyfriend that it was my 28th birthday. Below the handmade bunting, he prepared as part of the birthday surprise.
  1. I am very good at giving thoughtful gifts. 
  2. I really like Salad Fingers. 
  3. I love playing PC and Xbox games. 
  4. When I was 15, I was diagnosed with clinical depression.
  5. In secondary school, I had this close friend, who told myself and three other people that she had cancer. We felt so bad for her, we justified a lot of her actions and conversations always revolved around her and how she was feeling. Turns out she was faking it for attention. 
  6. My mum is a nurse and talks openly about a lot of medical conditions. She passed that openness on to me.
  7. My result in Gretchen Rubin’s habit tendency quiz is “Rebel”. Makes sense. 
  8. Similarly, my 16 personalities test revealed that I have an INTJ personality, the Architect.
  9. I sometimes go through obsessively watching movies according to very specific themes. For example, in the past, I would watch all movies that featured food or all young Robert Redford movies. 
  10. I used to have a movie review blog.
  11. I am not particularly coordinated and my reaction time is really slow. I absolutely suck at the Bop it! game.
  12. I love podcasts. 
  13. I am a fast learner when I really need to get something done or get really interested in something. 
  14. I learn best by doing and figuring out things for myself. 
  15. I am also a visual learner and like to spend time rewriting and colouring my notebooks.
  16. I once drowned my iPhone in a cup of Earl Grey tea with milk. It did not survive.
  17. I also accidentally dropped my smartphone into a toilet during our Scottish highlands vacay in 2017. It survived.
  18. I am extremely determined. If I want something really bad, it will happen.
  19. I struggled with binge eating disorder for almost 10 years. I had the worst experience with therapy and antidepressants. Eventually, I started reading books about body positivity, eating disorders, the psychology of addictions and found my way out of BED. 
  20. I am extremely good at organising skills. Project management runs in my blood.
  21. I really like going on photo walks. 
  22. I actually taught myself how to use a DSLR by watching videos and experimentation. 
  23. I also took a bunch of Photoshop and photo retouch, online classes. I still have a couple of friends, who regularly ask me to retouch their photos. Nobody knows.
  24. I regularly contribute my photos to Unsplash. This is my profile.
  25. Even the saddest movie will not make me sad if the soundtrack is not right.
  26. I have a girl crush on Brit Marling. Can you blame me?
  27. Due to my living in the UK for five years, I am very good at queueing. 
  28. For that very same reason, I cannot understand the concept of two queues that is present in Austria. WHY?!

Hope you enjoyed this post!

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