Instagram Slideshow Post - 10 Content Ideas for Posts with Multiple Photos or Videos

Instagram just rolled out a new carousel post update –  now you are able to share a mix of up to 10 photos or videos as a single carousel post on your classic feed that friends can swipe through. This is an extension of carousel ad option, which was launched back in 2015, expanded to include videos in 2016.

This update is available as part of Instagram version 10.9 and if you are still not seeing it yet, sit tight. Instagram might be introducing it gradually to different regions. At this point it is unclear to me if apps such as Hootsuite or Latergram are going to be making the multiple photos posts a possibility – for now, have the content you want to share in the carousel posts saved on your phone.

How to add multiple photos or videos posts?

When uploading to your feed, you will see additional option to select multiple photos and videos. Instagram wrote on their official blog that ‘It’s easy to control exactly how your post will look. You can tap and hold to change the order, apply a filter to everything at once or edit one by one. These posts have a single caption and are square-only for now’.

On your profile photo grid, you’ll notice the first photo or video of your post has a little icon in the top left right corner, and in individual post views, there will be a line of horizontal dots, which means there’s more to see.

Instagram carousel post - 10 content ideas for the new update [2017]

Source: Instagram

#1 Step by Step Guides 

Such as cake recipes, how to pack for a weekend getaway walkthrough, a manual on how to use your product. You could:

  • do a typical product demonstration
  • show how to use your new mobile application
  • publish 10 ideas how to wear that scarf
  • let your followers in on your secret of effectively writing a blog post


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#2 A Creative Process or How-to’s

Now you can show your audience what it takes to produce that watercolour graphic or a long to a short haircut. This is a perfect idea for service industry – here you can go crazy on talking your viewers by hand and showing them transformations, makeovers, processes. For example:

    • a hair salon can show how their new hair treatment works
    • a bakery can teach their audience how to decorate a cupcake
    • a painter can show the journey from sketching to finishing touches
    • a barista can be spied on as he prepares a luscious cappuccino or cold brew
    • a makeup artist can create a mini make up tutorial

#3 Roundups

Now you can share your lists of favourite places, books, quotes, related memes, inspiring Instagram accounts in one post. For businesses, optimise this space for showcasing your most popular services, your customer testimonials or photos from a recent event. You can use this space to remind your followers about the posts you have published recently and really loved. You can also round up your Insta Stories of the week or stories related to a particular topic.


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#4 The Best of the Best

Use carousel posts to feature the user-generated photos, which used your unique hashtag. Reward your followers or people you admire by picking the best photos from their feeds and telling a story on the subject of why these guys need some extra love.

#5 Consumer-focused & Followers-focused

I mentioned testimonials already but if you are a business this post can be used specifically to showcase people, who used your product and shared their experience or top engaging fans of the week on your account. In fact, you can use it to announce winners of your recent competitions!


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You can also give love back to your followers by featuring your favourite posts from them or do a round of shout-outs.

#6 Product Bonanza

Use the carousel post the same way you (hopefully) used Instagram Stories- to showcase new arrivals, promotions, best products of the week, best sellers, customer’s favourite, and so on. You can also tell your product’s story, for example where the coffee you just received comes from or how do you source your fabric.

If you are a fashion blogger you can post a full OOTD shot followed by photos of individual products you wore with price tags and brand logos.


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Even if you are a regular consumer, you can give back to your favourite brands by sharing your top five brands for gloomy weather or a list of products that changed your life.

#7 Tour Guide

Now you can give people a tour of your workspace, office, flat, shop, or the place you are currently ad with engaging videos, which (as opposed to Instagram Stories or Snapchat) will not disappear.

#8 Microblogging

When I saw the news about this particular update, I immediately thought of Steller app. True, Instagram carousel post is nowhere as robust, but it offers mini-stories opportunities for bloggers. Especially travel bloggers or locals, who are discovering their cities. You can create a series of graphics about your trip to x promising your audience there is more beautiful content nested on your blog. You can also tell a visual story (comics, graphics, screenshots), which will complement your new blog post.

#9 Food!

If you are a food blogger, this is the update you have been waiting for. Recipes the likes of Buzzfeed Tasty – who are already using carousel post function with this recent post –  can be minified into a short visual or video story. You can also do a round up of your favourite recipes based on celebration and repurpose your content, for example ‘Top 5 Valentine’s Day Chocolate Recipe’ or ‘Four Salad Recipes to Welcome Spring’.


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Do not despair if you are ‘just a foodie’. Make sure to track your weekly palate discoveries and share with your followers the dishes, which took your taste buds to Orlando.

If you are a food business, visuals have to be your native language. Post your weekly menu on Instagram or the current special offer with a lot of lavish graphics and photos. Preferably from every angle.

#10 Facts, tips, trends and info 

Instead of listing funny facts about yourself in the caption or sharing your top tips for increasing productivity, tell your story with photos or videos. For example, Wikipedia always shares cool facts, and I would like them to share more user-centred content such as ‘the most popular articles among German readers this week’. A company specialising in trend reporting could do ‘Top 5 trends to look out for this week’. A fashion brand got to let the followers know whether glitter caps are still a thing so for them doing a series of ‘Up and coming spring trends’ should be a necessity.Library of Resources Banner B Targeted

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