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Instagram Grid Design – Impact Hub Vienna

Through my work with Impact Hub Vienna – initially as a freelance content marketing consultant and later as a Content Marketing and SEO Manager – I was in charge of ideating, planning, and preparing content for the company’s social media channels. This included Instagram.

IHV’s Instagram had a very distinct style at the time and coming up with ideas that aligned with the clean minimal design was challenging but exciting. Together with a bunch of volunteers, we designed three separate 9-post grids with a quote in the middle. Thanks to this structure, it was possible to decrease the frequency of posts but still make a strong statement if someone accidentally stumbled upon the feed. I wrote all captions for the posts to make sure the tone of voice remains consistent in all Instagram updates.

The way the grid was planned was actually quite simple: first, I came up with 9 core topics. Usually, these were related to ongoing campaigns, for example, promotion of an accelerator programme. Then I would try to find images that could be used to illustrate the theme. At this stage, the draft would be really rough but the more details the better, because then we could easily see what is needed for the photos (props, model, additional info, etc.).

How it started:

How it ended:

Impact-Hub-Vienna-Instagram-Grid-July-2020-Website-1021x1024 framed