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Kirsten Donaghey – Writer’s Website Redesign & SEO Rework

Kirsten is a writer, editor, and writing coach living in Vienna. She got in touch with me through a mutual friend and asked me for help in clarifying her business online presence strategy. At the time of our first meeting Kirsten was already an established and known consultant in Vienna – she set up a local group for writers called Write Now and got leads through people, who came in contact with her personally. What Kirsten wanted more specifically was to receive more direct inquiries through her website from people that were not necessarily based in Vienna, AT.

How to Get More Client Inquiries Via Your Website

The most important thing to investigate when wanting to increase business inquiries through an existing website is why are the inquiries not coming through in the first place?

  • A checklist you should go through:
    • How’s the website’s SEO health?
    • How’s the on-site behaviour? How do the users arrive on the website and where do they drop off? Check Google Analytics if available.
    • When was the website last updated? Is there a clear indicator that the business is still active?
    • Are the contact details easy to find?
    • The basics: Is the contact form working? Was the email misspelt? Are messages arriving at the email destination?
    • If anyone has ever made use of the online contact route, what convinced them to send the message? Was it a word-of-mouth recommendation that led them to the website or did they arrive exclusively via online channels?

Once I did my research and website analysis, I was able to pinpoint the areas that needed improvement. Professional writing services were a new topic for me so I spent a big chunk of my worktime documenting good practices. Don’t be scared of getting inspired and even copying techniques from people that get a lot of business online, especially if you can compare strategies in different markets and in different languages. I saw many Polish brands employ marketing strategies that were old news in the US or the UK, yet it seemed they were extremely effective on the Polish virtual marketplace.

Aneta is amazing at strategy, SEO, and design concepts. She walked me through the process of taking my website to the next level, ensuring it gets noticed. She is professional, full of ideas, meets deadlines, and is always available to answer a question. I would highly recommend her to anyone, who is serious about their business and wants to improve their online presence.

Kirsten Donaghey

Kirsten’s website is built on Jimdo. As we discussed the new online presence strategy, she decided to stick with that CMS because it’s quite simple to navigate. I changed the template to one, which had the technical functionalities I recommended.

When redoing a website to improve search visibility, it’s important to structure it accordingly. This is how you implement the research you had done in the first phase of analysing a website’s health and looking up good practices. The new page topography was also dictated by a thorough local keyword search, competitor benchmarking and the priority of services as assigned by Kirsten.

Finally, taking into consideration the entirety of the research I had done, I proposed the new wireframe, content and provided SEO writing content guidelines. The latter included tone of voice tips as well as an editorial calendar to implement in the months after the website got its redesign – SEO auditing and fixing alone won’t help if you don’t have content.

Screenshots of the website before redesign

The new website had a watercolour theme because Kirsten specifically requested it. See below for screenshots.