Lifelong Learning at Impact Hub Vienna’s Skillshare Breakfast [ Online Event ]

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One of my goals in the year of Pandemic 2020 was to find out what I like and don’t like. Kind of deciding what floats my boat to fill my leisure time with. Teaching workshops and webinars had been part of my “Not sure category”.

This is why I signed up for teaching at a Skillshare Breakfast, a popular workshop-style event taking place monthly over breakfast at Impact Hub Vienna.

Then the lockdown happened. Luckily, we managed to adapt to the new COVID-19 circumstances (IHV team – which I have been part of since the beginning of April – is full of ideas and energy) and we hosted the online version of the class I was supposed to teach on Zoom.

I talked about – surprise, surprise – lifelong learning. This event took place on the 13th of May,

Skillshare Breakfast - Lifelong Learning

Video Recording of the Online Session

Presentation + Workbook

Download & flip through the presentation here (PDF format):

And download the workbook (PDF format) here: