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Who Loves Vienna, Shops in Vienna [ Marketing News #1 ]

December is not my favourite month of the year but, as a former advertising student #AdStudent, I cannot help but be merry while watching every Christmas ad I can get my cursor on. In other news, some bananas got eaten, some announcements were made. In December the Viennese Chamber of Commerce also reminded us about strengthening the local economy with our purchases through the Wien Liebe campaign. The tagline is particularly emotive – “wer Wien liebt, kauft in Wien ein!“, which translates to “who loves Vienna, shops in Vienna”.

What’s up in Marketing

End of a year means summaries and forecasts. Right now there are many articles going as far as digging into how this decade shaped tech and marketing because why not. I don’t know how many compilations and listicles I have laid my eyes on since the beginning of December. I will do a separate post after I have sifted through the masses of content.

Social media was fun to watch after the infamous banana got eaten – I am one of the people that don’t understand modern art but I do understand reactive marketing and it. was. fabulous. Shout out to my gym, FITINN!

One of the cooler social media announcements this month is Canva’s release about developing video option for their paid subscribers. I love Canva, it’s the perfect free design tool for small business marketing if you don’t want to touch Photoshop. Extending their service’s animation and video capabilities will only earn them more customers as brands are heavily investing in interactive posts, which on average get more engagement than text/links/image posts on social media.

Speaking of interactive, Instagram officially launched a new split-screen stories format. Stories is where the engagement is at these days. I wonder if it’s already available to users in Austria? There will be more privacy and age-restrictions rollouts in 2020 from Facebook and Instagram on top of Zuck’s dream to enable digital privacy zones for us, his loyal customers. How he will marry these goals remains to be seen.

I am not super enthusiastic about social media right now but let me spare you the scepticism until we are safely out of the Christmas food coma.

#WienLiebe Campaign

Last month Wirthscaftskammer Wien released a new campaign to prod Christmas revenue forward. The “Kommunikationsoffensive” (love this word!) appeals to the Viennese shoppers to think carefully about what choosing online vs local shopping entails. The campaign page reads (my rough translation), “More and more people shop online abroad, at least occasionally. As a result, billions of Euros flow to foreign online multinational companies every year, while our [home] companies find it increasingly difficult to cope with the annual wage increases.”

Selected shop owners from Vienna (I recognize the owner of Naber Kaffee) were invited to appear in a campaign video. I have to paste this appeal from the clip as-is because here copywriting took an interesting turn:

“Wenn Sie bei mir einkaufen, finanzieren Sie keinem amerikanischen Online-Boss die zweite Luxusjacht, sondern meiner Tochter die Nachhilfestunde, meinem Enkerl das Weihnachtsgeschenk und meinen Mitarbeitern das Gehalt. Das Geld bleibt im Land. Wir zahlen unsere Steuern hier. Damit finanzieren wir unsere Kindergärten, unsere Öffis, unsere Krankenhäuser und alles, was wir an unserer Stadt so lieben.”

Translation: “When you shop with me, you are not financing a second luxury yacht for an American online boss, but my daughter’s tutoring, the Christmas present for my grandchild and my employees’ salary. The money stays in the country. We pay our taxes here. We use it to finance our Kindergartens, our public transport, our hospitals and everything we love about our city.”

I am super interested to find out if this creative appeal will bring about the reaction #WienLiebe creators wanter. Will you be more eager to spend money in a local store knowing it helps someone live a better life?

One thing I would love to point out is that the official hashtag is not unique. Why so many people do not check hashtags before they launch a campaign? Whoever will be calculating ROI and online mentions will have a hard time on Instagram…

Which Viennese brands are your favourite? Which Viennese brands would you like to see supported?

Page from Wiener Wirtschaft Nr 51/52 introducing the campaign.

Order the #WienLiebe sticker

If you are a business owner, you can still order the campaign sticker on the official campaign website. Order the Wien Liebe sticker or poster via the form at the bottom of the page at

This campaign reminded me of another comms effort by the City of Vienna – I was recently exposed to #stolzaufWien (proud of Vienna) featuring Omnom Burger while exercising to YouTube videos. The YT algorithm knew what it was doing as we used to live right next to the first Omnom Burger place in the 5th district and it got me straight away. As a result, we went to their second location in the 9th district at Sechsschimmelgasse 24 last Friday. I am only human, ok?

Anyway, this is it.