This page is a result of me discovering Derek Sivers via and Violeta Nedkova and his Now page idea.

This page tells you what exactly I am focused on right now, as of the last update on 5/03/2019

My most recent selfie

Portsmouth, Jan 2019

Stuff about me

  • I live in Vienna, Austria
  • I am turning 30 this year
  • I work part-time as a communications manager at ISWA
  • I work part-time as a freelance consultant but thinking about slowing down a little bit and focusing on finding a full-time job next year

Things I am focusing on now

  • Simplifying my blog
  • Doing less – I quit Instagram, stopped reading international news every day (most of the things will not have an immediate impact on me anyway & I can find out things through conversations with people), I cleared out my schedule and mostly started focusing on learning new things every day
  • Learning! I am watching a lot of Skillshare classes and going to enrol to a couple of project management courses
  • I started reading in German to improve it. I am currently re-reading the infamous Anita Blake series (book #4 so not that much sex. Yet.)
  • I have just started a new photography project
  • Planning a trip to Japan

That’s it for now 🙂