Partners Network

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The following list features my network of partners, who are freelancers and businesses in Vienna that I worked with, loved the cooperation and want to recommend. I am a demanding client and each of these amazing people showed nothing but support, complete professionalism and delivered exceptional services.

This section is based on my experience only and does not include sponsored listings. 

Magda aka Miss.Elusivo / Photographer

Credits for all the portrait shots of me you can see on this website go to Magdalena Terefeńko – a photographer, who roams the street of Vienna at any time of the day.

Iunia Paul / Graphic Designer

The person responsible for my sleek logo icon is Iunia, a multi-disciplinary freelance designer currently living in Vienna. She is awesome, call her!

Mag. Susanne Burtscher / Tax Consultancy

Registering a business in Austria without speaking German was doable. Learning anything I needed to know about the taxes and doing tax returns was beyond me. Luckily, I found Mag. Susanne Burtscher's website and received solid support from the first meeting onwards. Thanks to her I do not worry about my paperwork.