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Resources and businesses I simply love and and can wholeheartedly recommend :)

Directory of businesses and professionals in Vienna

The following list features my network of partners, who are freelancers and businesses in Vienna that I worked with, loved the cooperation and want to recommend them. I am a demanding client and each of these amazing people showed nothing but support, complete professionalism and delivered exceptional services. Hope you will find this directory helpful! This section is based on my experience only and does not include sponsored listings. 

If you need German and U.S.-English translations and proofreading then you need to contact Connie Miedler. She is professional, reliable and puts her heart into every assignment. Don’t bet on fickle Google Translations when you need to translate your website or social media posts to appeal to your audience!

Credits for all the portrait shots of me you can see on this website go to Magdalena Terefeńko – a photographer, who roams the street of Vienna at any time of the day.

The person responsible for my sleek logo icon is Iunia, a multi-disciplinary freelance designer currently living in Vienna. She is awesome, call her!

Registering a business in Austria without speaking German was doable. Learning anything I needed to know about the taxes and doing tax returns was beyond me. Luckily, I found Mag. Susanne Burtscher’s website and received solid support from the first meeting onwards. Thanks to her I do not worry about my paperwork.

Directory of tools

I am happier to purchase a product if it was recommended to me. I also know it for a fact that products, which had been recommended to me, tend to stick around and make my life easier. This resources page is my friendly advice to you and a bunch of recommendations in one. These are services and products, which I have been using for a while, tried, tested and started to love.

This section contains affiliate links. It means that if you click on some of the links below and buy/subscribe to the service/product, I will get a commission payment or other benefits.  This will cost you nothing (in fact sometimes you get cool deals by using affiliate links) but will help me and my budget.

Visualmodo Premium Templates

Responsive Premium WordPress Themes by Visualmodo 

If you are looking for a solid, drag & drop, SEO and user-friendly WordPress template with stunning elements and powerful design options, Visualmodo is the brand you should check out. I worked with their Rare Premium Theme and once I discovered the magnitude of options hidden in their elegant & professional WordPress templates, I knew I had to recommend them. Add to it probably the best customer service department you will have to deal with – supportive and patient, the skills you need in a web designer, when dripping desperation. You can check out their official Visualmodo website or go straight to their Creative Market store. If you subscribe to the newsletter via their website, you will get a 20% off your purchase.

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My Responsive WordPress Theme by Crumina

When I was setting up my website in 2016 I wanted to make sure I have a robust, responsive and beautifully designed template, which will allow me to change its appearance. Polo Template by Crumina is just like that. It has over 120 stunning layouts ready for customisation, plenty of interactive features and is built integrating Visual Composer – the leading drag and drop page builder amongst WordPress plugins. Not to mention Polo is coded and maintained to be fast and SEO-friendly.

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Aneta Pawlik Resources Page Wordpress World4You

Domain and Hosting

I have had hosting with World4You for the last 2 years now. In September I bought another hosting package with a unique domain, which basically tells all. This is a good Austria-based hosting provider with reasonable prices (I paid 35 euro for 1-year hosting and a domain) and a decent level of support. For somebody, who does not want to get into technicalities this is a foolproof option. I recommend it to any Austrian blogger, who thinks of getting blogserious.

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Aneta Pawlik Resources Page Wordpress

Content Management System

Hands down, WordPress is the best CMS. I have tried Blogger and Wix, but neither had that level of flexibility and possibilities.

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Aneta Pawlik Resources Page Evernote

Organisation and Resources Management 

I had been introduced to Evernote for the first time by a friend in 2014 and it did not go well. One day I had deleted an important note and could not undo the horrible deed. Incidentally, at the time, O2 mobile network operator had a special offer of one-year Evernote Premium for free. I quickly subscribed, turned the app on and found the unfortunate note. However, this incident blossomed into a real long-term relationship. I use Evernote for everything: to do lists, thought dumping, articles clipping, addresses, mood boards…the list goes on. It helps that Evernote is available as a web, mobile, and desktop app.

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Aneta Pawlik Resources Page Moo

Beautiful Business Cards, Stationery and More 

I get my business cards only from Moo. I love the designs, the quality, the customer service and the short waiting time when you order a bunch of new shiny business cards with chic motifs. Clicking on the button below gives you a 20% off your first order from MOO.

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Aneta Pawlik Resources Page Google Drive

Cloud Storage

The best thing about Google Drive? Everybody has it. I have only begun to realise what a treasure Google Drive is when I had to juggle personal and work files between different computers. I like how integrated it is and how functional all apps from Google are. Is there anything I would have changed about it? Definitely not.

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Aneta Pawlik Resources Page Easybill


I was dreading online invoicing and really did not want to do it manually. A friend, also self-employed in Austria, recommended this software. It’s a really simple web-based program to generate online invoices. I am not using it to its full capabilities, but it has a lot of potential! It allows you to create an online customer base, product list, pricing plans, imports business details into templates, can also schedule repetitive invoices and send them via e-mail.

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Aneta Pawlik Resources Page Skillshare

Online Learning

There are plenty of free online classes and learning resources but nowhere else had I discovered so many valuable Photography, Design and Photoshop courses. Thanks to regular classes, I really improved my photo taking skills (and was told that so many times too!). By clicking on the button below, you will receive two months of Premium Membership for free. I recommend it if you are looking for blogging, marketing and lettering classes too.

I want to learn!