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Publishing an article on my website will enable you to…

  • gain access to the Austria-based English-speaking audience of small business owners
  • show your expertise and build thought leadership
  • gain a valuable backlink to improve your domain authority and thus ranking

Please note I allow one do follow backlink to your website and up to three social media channel links.

I will gladly publish an article, which covers one of the following subjects:

  • Online marketing for small businesses
  • Social media strategy, tips and tools
  • Blogging tips and guides
  • Online advertising, especially SEM and social media
  • Actionable and explanatory SEO guides
  • Work optimisation and time management articles
  • Freelance lifestyle related articles – especially guides and how to’s

I won’t publish articles on topics, which have already been covered on my blog.

If your piece is promoting your or a different company, I will not publish it on my blog. I am happy to write sponsored posts about your product if it is relevant to my niche. If you are not sure if your article qualifies as a sponsored post, ask me at

Writing guidelines

Please make sure your article is:

  • Addressing my marketing personas. My blog’s target audience is small business owners, who look for helpful resources and applicable advice. Please make sure your article is suitable and useful to this group.
  • Aligned with the tone of voice. I use bold but friendly tone, translating sometimes complex marketing concepts to a simple language. I am also not scared of including mild swearing, sarcasm and silly references. Writing for me means you get to relax 😉
  • Original and not published anywhere else. This also means that if I find the article was published somewhere else on a later date, I will remove it. The rule does not apply in instances when a 301 redirect was set up or to Medium but make sure you import the article, not copy and paste it into a new draft. Read more about Medium’s import tool here.
  • At least 1500 characters long. If you read my other articles, you will notice all of them comprehensively cover the subject. I prefer meaty posts to ones that only touch the surface.
  • Well-researched and fact-checked. Please make sure to attribute all sources and include a link to the resource you used.
  • Not just text! Include relevant images to break up the text/visualise data. Please make sure to credit the images with the author’s details and attach them to the e-mail.
  • Referenced and linked back to the source of your data. I am screening each article carefully and if I will deem a link as suspicious in terms of promoting another brand or earning a brand an unsolicited backlink, I will remove the link. On top of that all in-text links are set as no follow.

Format & author information guidelines

  • I only take articles in a Word Document or Google Doc format. Make sure you insert links wherever applicable, as well as structure the text according to how you want it published – title, header, bullet points, highlights, bold text etc.
  • Include your short bio (up to 400 characters), your full name, your title and a picture of you. The bio section is the only place you can promote your website and social media channels – I allow one website link and up to three social media channel links.
  • Please make sure you use British spelling in your article and proofread it before sending to me.
  • Disclaimer: I reserve the full right to edit and adapt the post to match the standard of my posts. I also reserve the right to refuse any article, which fails to comply with the guidelines in any way.

Post-publication and promotion

I will let you know via email if your post was accepted and when I will publish it. I expect every guest contributor to:

  • Respond to comments on the article and on my social media under the posts promoting your article
  • Promote the article on your social media
  • Tag me in your social media promotions so I can also interact with your posts

If you would like to submit an article to my blog, please read the writing guidelines carefully and send your article to my email putting ‘Guest Article on Your Blog’ in the subject line. I will respond to you within one week – please don’t contact me again within that period.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to!