Website Maintenance and SEO

Want more customers? You need a SEO and user-friendly website.

A website built to seamlessly guide visitors into becoming customers is worth beyond rubies.

And how could it be otherwise? Your website is your crucial online platform under your name and making sure it's 1) discoverable on search engines thanks to a solid SEO and 2) user-friendly are essential steps in your 'visitor to loyal customer' conversion strategy.

Think about it in terms of providing exceptional online experience for your visitors. If your website loads slowly or fails to provide enough information at a first glance, your visitor will not be wasting time trying to figure out your offer or location on their own. It’s as if you presented them with a shabby storefront, where the door is broken, you forgot to display an opening hours sign and to top it all, your stock is still packed into card boxes in the backroom. Would you want to stay on a website like that?

  • Domain & hosting
  • Choosing the right template
  • installation
  • E-mail configuration
  • Plugin & theme installation
  • Site structure consultation
  • User experience recommendations
  • Website reviews


Aneta is an amazing woman! She has a huge knowledge base and is willing to share; she gives you practical advice and shows so much patience if you do not understand. Aneta helped me increase the ranking of my website. I received from her 23 pages of SEO audit of my website – 23 pages of what I had to change! I was sure I had a great site so I was shocked! Everything was explained in detail and clearly, amazing! I am completely satisfied and already planned another audit, this time asking Aneta to look at my social media! She is professional and delivers great service for fair money. I recommend her with all my heart!


Agata from Aschaaa Photography – Hochzeitsfotografin in Wien

Comprehensive SEO Packages for your website

You have heard of it but you are not sure what it is. Psst! It’s not only about keywords!

Search engine optimisation is a practice of growing traffic to your website organically and naturally through website technical improvements, content strategy, link health, locality and over 10,000 other factors.

What you will get

A guide written in plain language
Actionable to-do list and tips
In-depth analysis based on real data
User experience review and fixes

What you will not get

Pages of technical jargon
Nonapplicable advice
SEO strategies that get you into trouble with Google
Recommendations you cannot action on your own

Please note: SEO Package does not include implementation. If you would like to hire me to improve your website, we can discuss it after the audit.

Recommended resources

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World4You is an Austria-based web hosting company I have been using for the last four years. They offer attractive domain & hosting packages, SSL certificate, website designer, and website optimisation tools. They also facilitate domain transfers, sell domains and hosting individually or in packages. The admin panel can be viewed in English and German. The link to World4You is affiliate. 

Visualmodo Premium Templates

Visualmodo is a Premium WordPress templates design agency, which sleek professional templates are incredibly easy to use thanks to the advanced drag & drop plugin included in the price of their templates. You can visit their official website (by subscribing to their newsletter, you receive a 20% discount) or go to their Creative Market store by clicking on the button below.