Website Redesign – Kirsten Donaghey

Website Redesign - Kirsten Donaghey

Kirsten is a writer, editor, and writing coach living in Vienna. She got in touch with me through a mutual friend and asked me for help in clarifying her business online presence strategy. Apart from delivering a comprehensive online presence guide, I also took care of redesigning her website to fit with the new brand identity.

Kirsten’s website is built on Jimdoo, a CMS I had not worked with before the assignment, but I quickly learned my way around it.

From a technical and SEO point of view, I cleaned up website structure and updated meta titles and descriptions to include the brand’s primary keywords. Website content was completely rewritten by Kirsten following SEO and tone of voice guidelines I had developed for her.

The advantage of services such as Jimdoo is that they take care of maintaining fast Internet content delivery so we did not have to worry about the technical side too much. I made sure the website’s visual elements were optimised for speed and image search.


Aneta Pawlik - KD Redesign


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Aneta Pawlik - KD Redesign

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Website Redesign - Kirsten Donaghey

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“Aneta is amazing at strategy, SEO, and design concepts. She walked me through the process of taking my website to the next level, ensuring it gets noticed. She is professional, full of ideas, meets deadlines, and is always available to answer a question. I would highly recommend her to anyone, who is serious about their business and wants to improve their online presence. Thank you, Aneta!”

– Kirsten Donaghey