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Why YOU Shouldn’t Hire a Content Marketing Consultant

Since April 2016, I have come across many customer personalities. Almost every single person with whom I worked, had a very unique approach to our cooperation. Some preferred to outsource the work completely. Some were full of ideas and wanted to discuss every day on the phone. Some needed just a tiny bit of guidance to recognise the right path for them and their businesses. 

However, there was one common denominator – they felt insecure about dipping their toes in the vast waters of content marketing.

If you are wondering if hiring a content marketing consultant is for you, read on.

What is “content marketing”?

Every business owner eventually realizes that, nowadays, they cannot go on without having a website and at least one social media account. They will set up their online channels and be confronted with the rough reality of the marketing manager’s work – it takes a lot of time and effort to maintain continuous online visibility! Even if you hate Facebook & Co, even if you, as a private person, rarely spend time on Instagram, you are doing your business a disservice by neglecting its online channels. Promoting businesses online is here to stay, whether we want it or not.   

This realisation of the inevitability of online promotion leads many people to send me an email asking for a meeting, a vibe check over coffee. (If you want to meet up and discuss your project and whether I can help you, go ahead and contact me – the first discovery meeting is a completely free, casual chat.) 

When they show up for the meeting, 99% of the people I meet will tell me that they want more subscribers, likes or followers, or that they want to be at the top of Google search engine results’ page. They will show me Instagram accounts of their competitors or international brands, and say with conviction, “I want that”. 

Vanity metrics include data such as social media followers, page views, subscribers, and other flashy analytics that are satisfying on paper, but don’t move the needle for your business goals. They offer positive reporting, but no context for future marketing decisions — something actionable metrics can do.

Hubspot’s definition of “vanity metrics”

(The remaining 1% comprises of people, who want me to answer their marketing questions popcorn style. Once the coffee cups are empty and we say polite goodbyes, they never contact me again.) 

This moment when a business owner unravels their deepest desires during our first meeting is exactly where my work begins.

From the very start of my career in freelance, I slid into the role of a marketing educator. It seems natural to me. I educated people, who wanted to hire me, on what it means to engage in content marketing today. There were cases when I even talked people out of hiring me!

The thing is, you might think that you need to hire a content marketing consultant to produce content for your website, Instagram or Pinterest page. 

I will tell you, that there might be a more relevant channel for generating sales and keeping in touch with your customers, that doesn’t require hiring anyone with photography skills. 

My approach to content marketing is based on sustainable minimalism and takes into consideration your resources, skills and long-term business goals. My approach is, first and foremost, customer-centric. It is not a cookie-cutter solution, that you can easily find online. It has nothing to do with hacks, magic tricks or quick fixes.

Okay, so why should I hire a marketing consultant like you, Aneta?

You should hire me if you want to permanently introduce content marketing to your promotional mix.

You should hire me if you want to put customers at the centre of your business and cater to their needs – not only with your product or service but with helpful content that guides your clients.

You should hire me if you need someone to tell you, step by step, how to maximise the content opportunities each customer journey offers.

You should hire me if you have no idea how to plan a month’s worth of content, how to execute it on low-budget and how to evaluate its effectiveness.

(You should definitely hire me if you think that posting a photo on Instagram once in a while is all there is to social media.) 

You should hire me if you would like to produce a series of articles, social media posts or short videos that emphasize how your product or service improves the lives of your customers, but do not know where to start. 

Having spent, at the time of writing this post, 15 years in the blogosphere and 10 years working in marketing, I can tell you that the existing marketing channels are saturated. Getting through to your audience is tough because everyone else is trying to monopolise their attention. If you feel that the task is too big to tackle on your own, and the advice you found online is confusing, send me an email.

In case you were wondering:

Am I a marketing guru? Not really. Am I an aspiring influencer. NOPE. I am that marketer person, who types away at her computer, asks the right questions and gets the job done. And I have customer testimonials to prove it.

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