What I Learned This Week #1

What I Learned This Week (WILTW) is my way of documenting my learning moments – small and big.

Answering Love Letters since 1972

Isn’t it amazing when literature seeps into real life and inspires people to do something good? Fan clubs that connect people are one such byproduct, but some tributes go above and beyond. (Of course, some books birth negative effects, such as Goethe’s The Sorrows of Young Werther infamously inspiring the “Werther fever“.)

This week I learned about the Juliet Club, which was founded by Giulio Tamassia in 1972. “The story of the Juliet letters started in the 1930s when the guardian of what is known as Juliet’s tomb began gathering the first letters people left at the grave and answering them” (source: BBC podcast Witness History, episode “The Juliet letters”). A team of volunteers replies to each and every letter addressed to Juliet, Verona, every year in the name of the tragic heroine. Incredible.

Discovering Three New Cafes

It was a people-meeting week, and I got to visit:

  1. Kaffein Zeitgeist, Schulerstraße 1/3, 1010 Wien
  2. LillaSoul Boulangerie, Gersthofer Str. 59, 1180 Wien
  3. Peti Pari, Otto-Bauer-Gasse 2, 1060 Wien

I added all three to my Google Maps list of favourite cafes in Vienna.

100+ Educational and Entertaining Websites

I have a confession to make. I am a hamster. I hoard. But not just everything – I hoard websites that I use for learning or killing time. Here’s a list of websites that I have hoarded because that is what I do.